What new books are planned?

We post news on the website and occasionally send e mail updates to those who want them.

I think I could write a Quicklook book

This is requires commitment and a sound knowledge of the subject. We are always keen to hear from those who have what it takes. Please complete our application form.

I bought one of the old e books. How do I access it?

Please go to the Customer Login via the top right button and follow the instructions.

I want to comment or complain

We like lively conversations. Contact us with thoughts via Twitter and Facebook and by all means reply to the Blogs on our Home page. All replies are moderated and we never display offensive material. You can also get in touch via our contact page.

My book did not arrive or is damaged

If you ordered your book from one of the many external vendors who sell them, you must contact them. It you ordered a book from Quicklook then please complete the form on our Contact page. Or you can write to us, returning the damaged book. Send it to Quicklook Books Limited, Weighbridge House, Grittleton SN14 6AP. We will give you a refund of the price of the book and postage, via the purchase mechanism that you used to buy the book. Alternatively, if you prefer, we will replace your book and refund postage.

What do you do with my personal information?

See our terms and privacy policy.

How do I view my e book?

E books are now available on a wide range of devices and take many different forms. Quicklook no longer sells e books itself. Instead we supply our books to reputable external e book vendors. Please consult the vendor that sold you your e book.