The Quicklook Series

  • Business Pack

    6 books all applicable to the world of business.

  • Quicklook at Movies

    This is an astonishingly comprehensive short guide to the fascinating world of movies.

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  • Quicklook at Television

    Quicklook at Television provides an astonishingly wide insight into TV and the people and industry that creates and supports it.

    Available only as an e-book - click "More Info" for details.
  • Quicklook at Police

    This book covers all main aspects of police work. There are many challenges and many specialist roles.

  • Quicklook at Pensions

    This book is a “must read” for anyone concerned about a pension, or simply interested in the ways in which this vast industry operates.

  • Quicklook at Management

    Management affects us all, as employees, customers and members of the public. This book provides a thought provoking insight into how it works.

  • Quicklook at Education

    Education equips people for life. This book covers the subject from pre school to post graduate level, not forgetting vocational qualifications.

  • Quicklook at Business

    This is the most comprehensive short guide to the business world that you are likely to find.

  • Quicklook at Marketing

    Marketing affects us all every day. It is important to know how it works.

  • Quicklook at Defence

    Defence is important: our lives can depend on it. How is it dealt with in a time of rapid change, new challenges and shrinking budgets?

  • Quicklook at Human Resources

    This clear, comprehensive guide is a must for anyone interested in the world of work.

  • Quicklook at Accountancy

    It is said that money makes the world go round. The accountancy profession keeps track of it and has huge scope.

  • Quicklook at India

    An emerging superpower, India embraces many different peoples, languages and religions. Nowhere has older or deeper cultures, or so much diversity.

  • Quicklook at Dogs

    We share a stronger bond with dogs than we do with any other animal. This book explores the extraordinary relationship we have with dogs.

  • Quicklook at Wine

    Wine is a luxury that is enjoyed by many, but understood by few. Quicklook at Wine helps you to get to grips with the subject.

  • Quicklook at Vets

    Millions of us care for animals. Man’s relationship with them is varied and complex. The work of vets covers an enormous number of species.

  • Quicklook at Flying

    In not much more than a century, flying has been transformed from small beginnings into a vast industry.

  • Quicklook at Property

    Quicklook at Property covers the many uses for property and the ways in which it can be owned, occupied and managed, publicly and privately.

  • Quicklook at Medicine

    Medicine is important to us all, throughout our lives. This short, easy to read, guide for the layman covers the main areas.

  • Quicklook at Law

    English law has spread its influence around the world. This book explains why and how it works.