Big match nerves and the law

We are not short of sport this summer. High definition close up TV coverage compellingly tells us what competitors are going through. Every facial expression, every bit of body language, is there for all to see. The tension created by the need to channel the product of years of preparation into one explosive effort is obvious. In many events there is only one chance to get it right.

Seeing tigers

Recent action by the Indian authorities has, at least temporarily, closed the nature reserves which try to protect the tiger- one of our planet’s most magnificent threatened species. This is very controversial. Many argue that responsible tourism offers the only realistic source of the money required to keep disastrous development-and poaching, at bay. The animals and the reserves in which they live can be seen as a precious resource.

Consider a New PR Plan

Like it or not, no matter how good your company or product, the public will not beat a path to your door if they don’t know you exist. Advertising in its basic forms – newspaper, magazine etc. – is expensive and often unproductive.