Quicklook at Wine


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This short book (or ebook) is a comprehensive but basic guide. Wine has been popular for thousands of years, and for good reason. It is one of the most varied and versatile alcoholic drinks, coming in an array of colours, flavours and strengths and hugely enjoyable with or without food. When it comes to wine we are, quite literally, spoilt for choice.

If you, like many, love drinking wine but know precious little about it beyond its price in the shop, then Quicklook at Wine will greatly improve your knowledge of this fascinating industry and its products. Wine expert Richard Avery takes you briefly and clearly through the story of wine, explaining the amazing care taken in its production and the marriage of art, science and luck needed for success.

There are many ways of producing different wines. Some, as we know, are much better than others. Learn how and why this is. What is the significance of the use of different grapes? What can you tell about a wine by looking at the bottle in a shop? How should you assess a wine that you have bought? What does an expert look for at a tasting?

There are interesting careers involved with wine. Those working in the hotel and hospitality industries will find this book very useful.