Janet Tapsell – Human Resources


Janet Tapsell brings 30 years of experience to her current role as a Consultant in Human Resources.

Having joined a major international lubricants company after University, Janet spent a number of years working in a variety of roles, including job evaluation, remuneration, employee relations and resourcing/recruitment.

Promoted to Personnel Director of a major subsidiary trading internationally, she managed senior recruitments, significant procedural changes and a big reduction in staff levels.

Following a few years as an independent consultant for a range of different companies, Janet was appointed as head of organisational development at her former company, in which capacity she was responsible for preparing people for senior management roles.

Following the takeover of the business by an even larger company, Janet dealt with important changes in personnel. She then moved elsewhere in the group and advised the Chief Executive of a £6bn business on strategic HR issues.

After leaving the group Janet has advised a range of organisations, including a charity and National Health Service trusts on a wide range of HR matters.