Quicklook at Defence


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Defence is important: our lives can depend on it. How is it dealt with in a time of rapid change, new challenges and shrinking budgets?

Quicklook at Defence gives the answers and sets out the historic and strategic background to Defence in the 21st Century.  It is a vital concern to most governments. Britain, in particular, has had a very long history of military involvements, which continue up to the present.

What is the Military for in the modern world? Who is in charge and how does it operate? How does it fit in with the rest of government, allies, international law and institutions?

How can new challenges, such as terrorism and cyber warfare be met? What about space? How can military operations be mounted in the media age?

We examine the separate but increasingly linked worlds of the Army, Navy and Air Force and how modern equipment is used in their operation. There is a meeting of old and new thinking: tradition is important but the Services operate at the cutting edge of technology. What is available now? What is planned?

People in the Military can get shot at: how is this unusual feature of the job dealt with?

You have a chance to run a Battalion for a month. Experience Army life at the sharp end.

This short book on defence (or ebook on defence) makes thought provoking comments about the future. The world could be very different. How might the Military respond to its demands?