Quicklook at Flying


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In not much more than a century, flying has been transformed from small beginnings into a vast industry that has opened up endless possibilities and affected every human being.

How did the Wright brothers first achieve flight? What keeps an aircraft in the air? How safe is flying now? How has the flight industry developed? What does the future hold?

Quicklook at Flying takes us back to the pioneers of aviation and explains how the past has helped to shape flying as we know it today. It covers commercial and military aviation and the aircraft manufacturing business, giving an insight into the challenges faced by airlines. It explains how air travel is made safe and what happens when things go wrong.

This short book (or ebook) takes you into the workings of the industry: how pilots train, the world of navigation and air traffic control and the role of engineers and designers.

You are talked through your first flight in a light aircraft.

“A worthy effort. “ General Aviation magazine

“Every school’s and university’s library and careers information room should have a copy”  The Guild of Air Pilots and Navigators