Quicklook at Property


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This is a short layman’s guide to property, which is a major store and source of wealth. A house is often someone‚Äôs most valuable asset. Collectively, housing represents a high proportion of our national wealth. Property (real estate) in all its forms underpins the economy. It is worth ¬£trillions in the UK alone.

Quicklook at Property covers the main areas of the subject. We see the many uses for property and the ways in which it can be owned, occupied and managed, publicly and privately. We explore the things which affect value and how the difficult exercise of deciding value is undertaken. There are regular booms and busts: we consider why.

The property business is huge and provides the livelihood for a wide range of trades and professions. We look at these and how the people involved work. Almost everything to do with property is carefully regulated- this short book (or ebook) shows how and why.

We see how everything comes together via some case histories. By the end of the book you manage a complex redevelopment from start to finish.